Geely recently unveiled the production version of the Preface, which is the company’s take on a luxury sedan set to be launched in China later this year. Built on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), which was developed in partnership with Volvo and also used for the XC40 and the Xingyue, the Preface was first previewed by an identically-named concept from 2019.

Looks striking, doesn’t it? The finished product certainly remains faithful to the original concept, with a bold face that is complemented by prominent lines and a rather athletic shape. As such, can you imagine if the Preface was restyled to become a Proton model? We already have the X70, which is based on the Boyue, so why not add another adaptation to the line-up?

Well, wonder no more, as rendering wiz Theophilus Chin has done the work to reimagine the Preface as a new-age Perdana. Much like the X70, the transformation process sees a few key areas being restyled, starting with the Infinite Weave grille in place of the Preface’s Expanding Cosmos piece with vertical bars.

Proton’s latest tiger logo also adorns the nose of the rendered Perdana, and you’ll also find the harimau on all the wheel centre caps. Around back, the Proton script takes its place just below the trim linking the slim taillights, joined by a model emblem also on the boot lid.

In terms of dimensions, the Preface measures 4,785 mm long, 1,869 mm wide, 1,469 mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2,800 mm. That places it within reasonable range of the current Perdana we have now, which is 5,020 mm long for the 2.4L model (the 2.0L is 4,999 mm long), 1,845 mm wide and 1,475 mm tall, although the wheelbase is the same at 2,800 mm.

Another “candidate” as a potential basis for a new Perdana is the Borui GE, which occupies a slightly larger footprint at 4,986 mm long, 1,861 mm wide, 1,513 mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 2,870 mm. The Borui GE is a slightly older model compared to the Preface, as it first made its debut at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show.

For now, Proton has given no indication as to when (and if) it plans to introduce an all-new Perdana. The current model, which is based on the eighth-generation Honda Accord, has been around since 2013, although the pre-facelift version, also known as “Perdana kerajaan,” wasn’t sold to the public. It was only in 2016 that the Perdana received a facelift, and this is the version that we can buy now.

So, what do you think of the Preface as a potential Perdana replacement? Do you like the way it looks? What else should be changed with the render? Share your thoughts in the comments below.