Perodua launched its long-awaited compact SUV, the Ativa, just a couple of weeks ago, so the next all-new model will likely be a ways away from its debut. Still, we can’t help but wonder what’s next, and helpfully, Photoshop wizard Theophilus Chin has rendered his vision of what a Myvi sedan would look like, borrowing a number of Ativa design cues.

The result is a handsome, if rather nondescript take on the small four-door concept, with sharp headlights, a simple chrome-trimmed grille and a triple air intake arrangement lifted from the Volvo S60 R-Design – complete with a gloss black U-shaped frame.

As per the smaller Bezza, the front end of this amusingly-named Bymi is quite short, although the glasshouse is stretched towards the rear to balance it out – and avoid the Bezza‘s notoriously butt-heavy proportions. At the rear, you’ll find the Ativa’s trapezoidal taillights and black-and-chrome garnish, but with the number plate recess moved to a more conventional position on the bootlid.

The rear bumper is fairly clean as a result, with the general shape and vertical reflectors nabbed from the US-market Toyota Corolla Sedan. While the car looks far more angular compared to the more organic Myvi, some shared details remain, including the chrome door handles and the 15-inch two-tone alloy wheels.

Will a Myvi sedan actually become a reality? That’s hard to say, given the shrinking market on the back of strong SUV competition from the Proton X50 and, indeed, the Ativa. Even so, the body style remains popular and the Bezza is the default choice for Grab drivers, so a larger, more sophisticated model could offer them a step up from Perodua’s no-frills current offering.

For high-mileage buyers, the Myvi’s 103 PS/137 Nm 1.5 litre naturally-aspirated Dual VVT-i engine and four-speed automatic gearbox would make the most sense. However, the Ativa’s 98 PS/140 Nm 1.0 litre turbo triple and CVT combination is more up-to-date and would make the sedan fairly competitive against the similarly-configured Nissan Almera. Which engine would you prefer in a Myvi sedan?