Lexus has released a third teaser for a concept it first announced back in December, which is said to preview a new design direction for the Japanese premium brand. This time, the company has given us a glimpse of the side profile of the car, hinting at its general shape and proportions.

The image shows quite a sleek vehicle, with a fairly long bonnet (for what is expected to be an electric vehicle) and a cab-rearward glasshouse with a sweeping front windscreen. While the short rear deck gives a hint of a sedan look to the car, the relatively tall ground clearance suggests that the car will instead be some sort of coupé-style SUV. Unusually, there’s also a large central fin, carrying a vertical third brake light.

Another photo provides us with a look at the rear end, including what appear to be slim full-width taillights that is fast becoming a Lexus trend. A previous teaser has already showed the front end, which sports arrow-shaped headlights and a closed-off version of the Lexus spindle grille, first seen on the LF-30 concept.

The as-yet-unnamed concept will likely debut the new Direct4 Wheel Drive Force Control, an electric drive control system designed for next-generation Lexus electric and hybrid vehicles. This provides some form of all-wheel drive, with pure EVs getting a motor on each axle and hybrids complementing the petrol-and-electric front drivetrain with a separate rear motor. We’ll have more when the car is unveiled on March 30.