Malaysian vehicle sales for July 2021 by brand – Proton on top, Mitsu third, Perodua down in fourth

Malaysian vehicle sales for July 2021 by brand – Proton on top, Mitsu third, Perodua down in fourth

Just like how the official July 2021 auto sales headline of “Malaysian vehicle sales go up by 269%” is a collector’s item (although the total was just 7k units), this sales breakdown by brand is also a unicorn. How about Proton on top, Mitsubishi in third and perennial leader Perodua down in fourth? Caught your attention, so here we go.

Last month, Proton sold 1,904 cars to top the sales table. Coming in second is Toyota with 1,442 units and completing the podium is Mitsubishi with 686 units. Perodua, the permanent resident at the top, was down in fourth with just 655 units. Honda is a further 70 units below in fifth.

While Perodua -35.1% (the only drop in the top 10), Proton +290.2%, Toyota +1,616.7%, Mitsubishi +376.4%, Honda +2,559.1%, Isuzu +4,283.3% and Porsche +3,000% look spectacular, they are jumps from a very low base that is June 2021. The erratic trend has Covid thumbprints all over, and you can’t really read too much into it.

Basically, the Malaysian auto industry has been severely impacted by the forced closures of factories and showrooms, and the basic rule is whoever has stock, can make some sales.

Malaysian vehicle sales for July 2021 by brand – Proton on top, Mitsu third, Perodua down in fourth

If Perodua production is a machine, it would be a very highly tuned one with big output and ready orders – cars that are out of the factory spend very little time as orphans. You need to have consistent sales and precise planning to pull off this high efficiency trick.

However, this also means that the market leader rarely has extra stock, and surplus is what’s keeping the rest of the brands going in this dry period (as you can see below, many registered a grand total of zero last month). The good news is that factories and showrooms have been allowed to reopen, and as for Perodua, its Sg Choh factories are up and running again, so it’s kemarau no more.

There are some interesting year-to-date trends that mean something in the bigger picture though – Toyota’s lead over Honda has widened to around 10k units, which means that the big T’s mission of finally regaining the No.1 non-national spot from Honda is looking good. The surprise package that is Mitsubishi is in a solid fifth, pulling away from Nissan and Mazda in the “best of the rest” race after Perodua, Proton, Toyota and Honda. Mitsu has been setting personal bests, and is on track for its strongest year.

Speaking of trends, check out more of those in our 1H 2021 half time report here.

Malaysian vehicle sales for July 2021 by brand – Proton on top, Mitsu third, Perodua down in fourth

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  • Izhar on Aug 25, 2021 at 10:10 am

    Look like PJ City beat JDT once in the league. But still JDT hold the leageu crown.

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  • Don’t forget T got Hiace, Hilux, Forklift, Alphard, Lawn mower, etc.

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  • Well done Toyota

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  • Bumper on Aug 25, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    How many X50s delivered?

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  • Proton’s sales are 3X more than Perodua. Hahaha

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  • Ashamed on Aug 25, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    Yes, force workers to secretly go to work during lockdown. Sales Advisors to go to showrooms. Disgusting work ethics. They do not care for their workers lives.

    Will never support Proton after this.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 24
    • Brian on Aug 25, 2021 at 10:52 pm
      Unlike other truly shameful brands, Proton has committed to keeping their staff safe. Will never support those other so called local brand.

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      Among those allowed to resume operations are Proton’s Tanjung Malim plant in Perak, which was allowed under Phase 2 rules which took effect early in the month of July, thus yielding an output of 1,677 vehicles last month for the national car brand. Meanwhile, key big-hitters in terms of volume such as Perodua (Rawang), Toyota (Shah Alam) and Honda (Pegoh, Melaka) saw zero production as their factories were closed during this period.

      Ashamed of your guesswork!!!

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