With the rescinding of the Sales and Service Tax (SST) holiday for motorcycles and scooters with an engine capacity of 150 cc and below, authorised Malaysian distributor has raised prices in accordance with government guidelines. Affected are the Yamaha 135LC and 135LC SE, the Ego Avantiz and Ego Gear scooters, the NVX (non-ABS) and NMax, while the Yamaha Lagenda 115Z and Y15ZR remain unchanged.

For the Yamaha 135LC and 135 LC, recommended retail pricing goes up to RM7,248 and RM7,548, respectively. This compares to the pre-SST price of RM6,868 for the 135LC and RM6,868 for the 135LC SE.

Yamaha’s Ego scooters, the Ego Avantiz and Gear, sees a similar increase in prices. The Ego Avantiz now has a recommended retail price of RM5,536 (previously RM4,873) while the Ego Gear is tagged at RM5,998 (RM5,418).

Meanwhile, the non-ABS version of the Yamaha NVX now comes with a recommended retail price of RM9,298, up from the previous pricing of RM8,998. Similarly, the Yamaha Nmax, priced at RM8,998, now goes for RM9,298.

Pricing for other Yamaha motorcycle and scooter models not mentioned in this article remains unchanged at time of publication.