Peugeot 408, e-2008 EV and Landtrek CKD coming to Malaysia in 2024, according to Stellantis ASEAN COO

Peugeot 408, e-2008 EV and Landtrek CKD coming to Malaysia in 2024, according to Stellantis ASEAN COO

More locally-assembled (CKD) Peugeot models will be launched in Malaysia next year, including the 408, e-2008 as well as the Landtrek. This is according to Daniel Gonzalez, chief operating officer (ASEAN and general distributors) at Stellantis, in an interview with The Star’s CarSifu.

Focusing on each model individually, the latest 408 made its global debut last June as a fastback crossover (previously a sedan that was available here), which has already been sighted being tested on Malaysian roads fairly often.

The model has already been launched in neighbouring Thailand, where it is available as a plug-in hybrid with a total system output of 225 PS and 360 Nm of torque. This is contributed to by a 1.6 litre turbocharged inline-four petrol engine that makes 180 PS and 250 Nm, augmented by an electric motor rated at 110 PS and 320 Nm.

The PHEV system also features a lithium-ion battery with an energy capacity of 12.4 kWh, which is good for 63 km of pure electric driving range following the WLTP cycle. The battery is charged via an AC input, with a full charge taking one hour and 55 minutes at 7.4 kW. In Thailand, the 408 is a fully-imported (CBU) model priced at 2.79 million baht (RM371,429).

Peugeot 408, e-2008 EV and Landtrek CKD coming to Malaysia in 2024, according to Stellantis ASEAN COO

Moving on to the e-2008, the fully electric crossover was previewed at this year’s Malaysia Autoshow and is expected to be launched in the middle of 2024. The electric vehicle (EV) will join the petrol-powered 2008 that was launched in Malaysia last January and is currently priced at RM134,103 on-the-road without insurance.

In terms of specifications, the e-2008’s lithium-ion battery with a gross energy capacity of 50 kWh (46.2 kWh net) offers a WLTP-rated range of 320 km. Power goes to a front-mounted electric motor rated at 136 PS and 260 Nm, while charging is accomplished either via a max AC input of 11 kW (a full charge takes 4.5 hours) or a peak DC input of 100 kW (0-80% state of charge in 30 minutes).

Last but not least, there’s the Landtrek, which is a pick-up truck that went on sale here as CBU product in March 2023. Currently offered in a single single 1.9D Allure variant priced at RM120,072, the double-cab Landtrek is based on the Changan Kaicene F70 available in China. For the CKD version, Gonzalez said the Landtrek will receive an upgraded suspension but did not disclose further details.

He did however say Stellantis has big plans for the ASEAN region and its sizeable investments in Malaysia could create opportunities worth up to RM5 billion for local businesses. “We have set up our regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to better run operations as ‘remote control’ from somewhere else doesn’t work. If you want to grow in the region, we need to localise production and run things from location,” Gonzalez said.

Peugeot 408, e-2008 EV and Landtrek CKD coming to Malaysia in 2024, according to Stellantis ASEAN COO

“We need to be here with local talents and we are on a recruitment spree. I have been having conversations with the government and other entities about future business. Stellantis will be here for the long run and not an in-and-out thing. We want to fully utilise our Gurun plant,” he added.

Said Gurun plant was previously owned by Naza Automotive Manufacturing before it was fully acquired by Stellantis in 2021. In addition to Malaysia, the 2008, 3008 and 5008 currently produced there are also exported to nearby markets such as the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia.

Gonzalez stated there is roadmap in place that could turn Malaysia into Stellantis’ hub for electrified vehicles in the ASEAN region, with other plans being battery production as well as a regional training academy. Partnerships with local companies are also possible for charging infrastructure, battery technology, software development and transportation services.

The company, which was formed through the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Groupe PSA, is also considering introducing the STLA platform that comes in four variations, namely Small, Medium and Large for passenger vehicles, while Frame is for body-on-frame-type vehicles.

Peugeot 408, e-2008 EV and Landtrek CKD coming to Malaysia in 2024, according to Stellantis ASEAN COO

The versatile and modular STLA Medium platform can accommodate internal combustion engines, hybrid systems, plug-in hybrid systems and all-electric drivetrains, while also being scalable for C- and D-segment vehicles. The STLA Small platform is geared more towards B- and C-segment cars, while STLA Large, as it names suggests, is for D- to F-segment vehicles.

While Stellantis is committed to electrification with the STLA platform, Gonzalez said the company will look to provide powertrains that best suit markets in the region. In the short term, he said the goal is to offer cars tailored to M40 and T20 buyers, which cars built on the STLA Medium platform are suited for.

While there’s plenty of talk about Peugeot, Stellantis actually has no less than 14 brands in its portfolio, with others being Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroen, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Opel, Ram and Vauxhall.

From that list, a few such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Jeep should be familiar to Malaysians, and Gonzalez does see some of them arriving or making a comeback here. “We have a beautiful menu of cars that you will like. Personally, I see Jeep or Citroen arriving. I certainly get a lot of requests for Alfa Romeo wherever I go. I have also gotten some comments on Fiat,” said Gonzalez.

“And there is also the possibility of Ram, our main pick-up truck brand. In the Asean region, we have nine out of our 14 brands. In the future, our focus will be on the localised production. But there will be space for niche segments. When we opened our Alfa Romeo showroom in Singapore two months ago, more than half of the guests were from Malaysia and they asked me when Malaysia will be getting Alfa Romeo cars,” he continued.

In 2024, Stellantis will have six localised products (all being Peugeots) in Malaysia, so which of the three new ones (408, e-2008, Landtrek) are your looking forward to the most? Also, what other brands from the Stellantis portfolio are you hoping comes to our market?

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