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  • UMW Toyota may end Hiace exports

    Thailand’s refusal to lower it’s 20% import duties for incoming Malaysian exports down to AFTA’s 5% might result in UMW Toyota ending exports of the locally assembled Toyota Hiace van to Thailand. Due to the […]


  • Mercedes Benz C230 Avantgarde V6 launched

    DaimlerChrysler Malaysia has launched the latest in it’s C-class line-up yesterday morning, the locally assembled Mercedes Benz C230 Avantgarde. Not to be confused with the C230K which runs a 1.8 litre supercharged engine, the C230 […]


  • DRB-HICOM confirms Proton share purchase talk

    DRB-HICOM said today in a reply to a Bursa Malaysia query on reports of it’s interest in purchasing Proton shares that it has submitted a proposal to the government in regards to the prospect of […]


  • VW Cars showroom opens, pricelist available

    VW Cars Sdn Bhd just launched Volkswagen’s first showroom in Malaysia at UOA Central in Jalan Pinang, right in the heart of KL. VW Cars Sdn Bhd is actually a company under the CarTrade group, […]


  • Mofaz interested in Proton?

    The Edge Weekly reports that the latest company to express interest in buying Proton shares is the Mofaz Group, a company that sells imported cars in Malaysia. In other news, investors are still skeptical about […]


  • CKD Swift and two new models for 2007

    Suzuki Malaysia Automobile Sdn Bhd intends to go forward with it’s Suzuki Swift local CKD assembly plans, expected to begin in Quarter 1 2007. Also in store for the local car market in 2007 is […]


  • New Audi CBU Pricelist, 2nd revision

    Euromobil Sdn Bhd has revised the pricelist for Audi cars in Malaysia once again. After the NAP was announced earlier this year, prices for Audi cars generally went up, as listed in my previous post. […]


  • Naza Suria – locally assembled Kia Picanto

    Naza has unveiled a new minicar, the Naza Suria, which appears to be a locally assembled rebadged Kia Picanto. At a glance from the image of the Suria appearing in the local dailies, the new […]



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