The successor to Volvo’s ageing S80 will bear the S90 moniker and is expected to make its public debut some time at the end of this year. Relying heavily on the Volvo Concept Universe of 2011 for aesthetic inspiration, the Volvo S90 is also expected to spawn an estate version, dubbed the Volvo V90.

Bases on Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, the Volvo S90 will also share powertrain options with the Volvo XC90 – including its range of D4 and D5 diesel engines as well as the 400 hp/640 Nm 2.0 litre T8 ‘Twin Engine’ twin-charged (turbo and supercharged) engine with a plug-in hybrid setup.

All of the above appears to bode well for Volvo as the Swedish carmaker will be attempting to go up against the likes of the second-generation Jaguar XF, Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class – a feat its S80 predecessor could never quite manage. With that said, Volvo has announced it has no intentions of trying to emulate its competitors strong points, instead focusing on hitting them at their weak spots.


“Volvo now has the self-confidence to go its own way – we have no interest in copying the German brands. We have our own values around exterior and interior design, safety, comfort and powertrain advancements that stand out for their own qualities,” said managing director of Volvo UK, Nick Connor, to Autocar UK.

With targets drawn out, speculations are running rife that a full-sized model, a Volvo “S100”, might be on the cards as the company looks to place the 7 Series, A8 and XJ in the scope next. Further justifying the S90’s (and hopefully S100’s) existence is Lex Kerssemakers, VP of product strategy at Volvo, whereby it was stated that though the segment is “contracting… the market is still big enough to give us a strong business case.”

GALLERY: 2011 Volvo Concept Universe