Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Siel Cars India has dropped the price of its Honda Civic Hybrid sedan by Rs 8 lakh (approximately RM57,600), which means the car which previously costed Rs 21.5 lakh (RM155,000) since its launch in June 2008 now costs only Rs 13.36 lakh (RM96,250).

These prices are ex-showroom prices in Delhi. In comparison, the Civic 1.8V AT is priced at Rs 12.86 lakh (approximately RM92,650), making the Civic Hybrid with the 1.3 litre IMA engine only slightly more expensive than the regular 1.8 engine version.

Since the Malaysian government has given CBU hybrid cars a temporary tax-free period, sole hybrid principal importer Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd has also promised to drop the price of its Honda Civic Hybrid to between RM125,000 to RM130,000 although a final price has not been determined yet. The original price of the Japan-imported hybrid car retailed for more than RM160,000.