Honda HSV-010

If you’re a fan of Super GT you would know that Honda has retired the NSX from the race and have replaced it with the new Honda HSV-010 GT race car, a model that’s not available for production as of yet. The HSV-010 is a front engine, rear wheel drive car and competes in the GT500 class. It’s powered by a 3.4 litre V8 engine. In case you’re curious, HSV stands for Honda Sports Velocity.

The car is definitely production ready for sure as Super GT is meant to be for production cars. Honda has actually managed to find a loophole in the Super GT rulebook that permits cars that are production ready to be fielded, so the car doesn’t actually have to be in production, although I’m sure a lot of you would like to see such a car in production!

We’ll be having a joint interview together with Zerotohundred with the Honda today at 3 PM on Honda Racing Malaysia’s Facebook Fan Page. It should be very interesting as this is not a car in production so there won’t be any “test drive reviews” to read from the world’s media. The only information we’re going to get are from Honda themselves.

Perhaps we can grill them to put the car into production :P Come drop by and watch the interview and participate in the Q&A section later.

UPDATE: Read the full interview here.