Normally people wouldn’t really bother what car you drive. Unless you’re one the Forbes list but drive a Proton Perdana, or you’ve replaced an entire state’s fleet with the W211. Or if in this case, you’re Jenson Button. Mercedes have announced in a press release that Button has just picked up his C-Class DR 520 Station Wagon car.

The announcement asks more question than it answers. First would be, what would Jenson need with an estate? And is this even newsworthy (er, but it got us covering it… so I suppose they have some kind of point)? The car is definitely news worthy as it is a UK-only limited edition that features a 6.3 V8 engine producing an incredible 513hp and 650Nm of torque.

Naturally an Audi RS4 competitor, the C-Class engine uses forged pistons, new connecting rods and a revised crankshaft compared to the standard C63 AMG. This allows the car to reach 100km/h in just 4.2 seconds, before creaming off at a top speed of 301km/h (electronically limited of course).

You’d expect a multi-millionaire to want the best and it seems to have it, with the interior spec’d out in titanium accents, leather/Alcantara sport seats and an AMG braking system. The exterior is finished of in a matt black paint job. The average Joe would usually have to fork out £63,680, but Jenson obviously got his for free. The DR 520 cars are limited to 50 units and were launched to celebrate the new Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands Specialist Products division.

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