These are the first leaked photos of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, which will replace the CLC-Class. The CLC-Class might have had a new name but it was in fact a reskinned last generation C-Class Coupe updated to look similar to the W204.

Though it shares a somewhat similar “half moon” roofline to the CLC-Class, the profile of the new C-Class Coupe is much more coupe-like thanks to a more substantial boot while the CLC-Class was more of a hatchback. The front of the new C-Class Coupe is similar to the new W204 facelift but the rest of the body is unique.

The interior is also inspired by the new W204 facelift, but we can only see the front passenger area for now – perhaps the rear will feature two individual seats rather than a single bench? You’ll also notice that the C-Class Coupe has to make do with having a B-pillar, something that Merc coupes traditionally do not have.

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