2010 was a good year for the Volkswagen Group, which shifted more than seven million vehicles for the first time ever. In total, the Group delivered 7.14 million vehicles to customers, a 13.5% increase of 2009’s 6.29 million units. Since the global auto market grew only 11.3%, VW increased its share of the pie.

Deliveries in China grew 37.4% to 1.92 million units, a new record. India paled in comparison with just 53,300 units, but that’s still a 181% growth. The Group delivered 888,000 vehicles to South Americans (+8.9%) and 360,300 units in America (+20.9%). Western Europe (excluding Germany) recorded 1.85 million sales, which is +11.6% in a market that only grew 1.9% for the year. Russian sales were up by 39.5%.

The only market to show a decline is VW’s home market of Germany, where the Group delivered 1.04 million vehicles, down by 16.8%. Still, it wasn’t too bad since the market contracted by 23.4% due to scrapping premiums, so it’s a market share expansion.

Divided by marques, the Volkswagen brand also broke a new record last year with deliveries growing 13.9% to 4.5 million units. China (VW’s largest market), USA and Russia saw growths of 35.5%, 20.3% and 49.1% respectively.

Premium brand Audi broke its own personal records with 1.09 million vehicles sold in 2010, up by 15%. The four rings did well in America and China. Czech outpost Škoda delivered 762,600 (+11.5%) vehicles while Spanish brand SEAT did 339,500 (+0.8%) vehicles in 2010.