The latest Ford Fiesta was first introduced as the Verve concept in the second half of 2007, and went into production as the Fiesta in late 2008. Well, it’s 2012 now, which means it’s just about time for a mid-life facelift for the Fiesta, and we believe this set of photos that our European spy photo provider SB-MEDIEN managed to capture should be the facelifted Fiesta.

There’s not much changes on the rear of this particular test mule – everything looks identical to the current Fiesta on sale. But there seems to be big changes at the front as Ford has piled on the disguise pretty heavy. We can also spot daytime running lights installed in the headlamps, which also look slimmer. The engine hood is also different – it now has four creases on it for a more pronounced ‘nose’, instead of the current Fiesta’s engine hood which is flat.

All of these design cues are reflected on the Ford Fiesta ST Concept which made its debut at Frankfurt last year. The Fiesta ST Concept also had reshaped slimmer headlamps, and an engine hood similiar to that installed on this test mule.

It looks like those new design cues won’t be unique to the ST, as this test mule is definitely not an ST, as if you look into the detailed photos in the gallery below you’ll see that this test mule uses rear drum brakes, which points to a non-high performance Ford Fiesta.

Another interesting fact about this set of spyshots is a snap of the logbook inside the car, which reveals the engine under the hood – it says 1.0 GDI 80hp. This might be a three cylinder normally aspirated 1.0 liter petrol engine with direct injection technology.

A few other engines are planned for the Fiesta, like an EcoBoost version of the 3-pot 1.0 liter that makes either 100 PS or 125 PS in two different tunes. The 125 PS version will probably replace the current 1.6 liter Ti-VCT engine, while the 100 PS version would be a nice replacement for the 1.4 liter.