When sightings become a regular scene and image contributions start pouring in, raining down a bit like bricks, you know something’s about to happen, like a market introduction perhaps.

Such is the case with the Peugeot 408 Turbo – no official indication as to when the car is to be introduced, but the recent sightings cannot be mere coincidence, so expect something on the cards soon. The upcoming C-segment sedan has been seen on at least three occasions, twice wearing tape around the tail lights (in Melaka and in Kulim, Kedah) and once on a trailer here in the Klang Valley.

Now, reader Andrew Ng has sent in a set of – quite literally – back alley shots, in which the Pug can be seen in its entirety, completely uncovered from tip to toe. The choice of location might not be a select one, but at least the photos give the most complete view (especially the front) of how the 408 shapes up. Thanks for the photos, Andrew.

As mentioned previously, the Turbo suffix indicates that the car will wear a 1.6 turbocharged Prince mill under the hood. The car is expected to slot into the hole previously occupied by the 407, now that the 508 has taken its presentation up the ladder chain.