While the Honda CR-Z is still fresh in our minds, seeing as it was launched here at the end of last year, things are much different in its country of origin. Honda Japan has released a teaser on its website, which announces the coming of the second-generation CR-Z.

Now, although the company is saying “second-generation,” we’re inclined to believe it’s actually the car’s mid-life facelift. Since its launch in 2010, the CR-Z has just crossed the two-year old mark, and with Honda’s model cycles usually being five years, this one looks to be arriving about as scheduled, perhaps even a tad early.

The teaser is a slide show, with flashes of Japanese words and pictures of the car. It says, cryptically and in order – “for everybody, for every road, for any speed, enjoy the drive.” Then, it ends with “Life Design Hybrid, Second Generation CR-Z.”

As all teasers are, there are not many details, other than there may be a change to the headlights or DRL (or both), a new wheel design and an inclusion of a S+ button. Your guess is as good as ours on what the S+ may be.

Since guessing what the car will feature is fun, let’s start the speculation with the curious S+. The logical guess should be that the S+ button will alter the CR-Z’s engine response and perhaps firm up the suspension to give the hatchback added sportiness.

The CR-Z could also get a lithium-ion battery, seeing that the Civic Hybrid already has said battery unit. Perhaps, the CR-Z might get the torque vectoring SH-AWD, which will give the small car 4WD capability. Or, could Honda abandon the hybrid powerplant and shoehorn in a screaming petrol engine? That’s probably unlikely, as the CR-Z branding is of a hybrid.

To know the absolute truth, we’ll have to wait till the end of the month, when details will be made available. Danny has driven the current CR-Z, click here to get his take on the car.