A Honda Civic wagon will be added to the Civic range in the near future, with a concept version of the new model to be shown in 2013. Honda’s European President Manabu Nishimae announced this at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, where Honda exhibited new diesel versions of the Civic and CR-V.

We last saw a wagon body Civic in the late 80s, and it was called the Honda Civic Shuttle. The wagon-loving European market only has one Honda model to buy now – the Accord Euro wagon. As customers downsize their choice of vehicles, it makes sense that Honda starts offering the wagon body for its C-segment contender in addition to the D-segment Accord Euro. Toyota also clearly had the same idea, launching for the first time a wagon version of the Auris at Paris 2012.

Nishimae also announced that the CR-V and Civic Euro hatchback would be available with their new 1.6 litre i-DTEC engine. We test drove it last year installed in an Accord Euro.