Volkswagen is recalling a total of 6,181 cars in Singapore – accounting for 35% of its car population in the island nation – due to a DSG-related problem that, if unresolved, might lead to power loss, reports The Straits Times. The marque is the third best-selling car brand in the republic.

The recall is voluntary and not a safety issue, a Volkswagen Group Singapore spokesman told the local daily. The replacement of the affected parts will be free and the whole recall exercise could take a few months.

According to sgCarMart, the repair work involves the replacing of the gearbox’s mechatronic unit, which could take up to three hours per vehicle. The mechanism hydraulically operates the gearbox and clutch.

In April 2012, around 8,000 Volkswagen owners in the Lion City were asked to bring their cars in for a software change while in 2010, Volkswagen Singapore replaced more than 1,000 cars’ mechatronic units after the quality of parts were found to be unsatisfactory.