Volkswagen Think Blue.

Calling all those who are light on their feet! Volkswagen Malaysia today kicked off the Think Blue. – National Challenge 2013 in Malaysia to spread the “Think Blue.” philosophy and to display the brand’s efforts on the importance of fuel savings and how a change in driving behaviour could reduce CO2 emissions.

Dealerships throughout the country will be welcoming Malaysians for test drives and to register their participation for the Think Blue. – National Challenge 2013. The qualifying and registration period is from July 1 to 21.

To take part, participants will have to either register at any Volkswagen dealership nationwide or play the game on during the qualification period. Participants must be aged 18 years and above and hold a valid driving license in Malaysia.

Thirty selected finalists will move on to the Think Blue. – National Challenge 2013 that will be held in Kuala Lumpur from August 17 to 18, where they will compete against each other in real driving situations to become Malaysia’s most fuel efficient driver.

The winner of this Think Blue. – National Challenge will then represent Malaysia in the Think Blue. World Championship 2013 in Germany from September 6 to 10, and stands a chance to become the world’s most fuel-efficient “Think Blue.” champion!

Volkswagen Think Blue.

The ‘Think Blue. World Championship’ app reveals another facet of Think Blue. – Volkswagen’s holistic approach to sustainability. The game heightens awareness of more efficient driving and shows that all drivers can make their own personal contribution to environmental protection without sacrificing driving pleasure.

“The Think Blue. World Championship 2013 demonstrates the company’s target to reduce CO2 emissions while maintaining the performance and driving fun for the customer,” said Volkswagen Group Malaysia MD Dr Zeno Kerschbaumer. “Furthermore, driving behaviour is a very important part in reducing fuel consumption, which is the reason behind this challenge.”

He added that the principle of “Think Blue.” is perfectly reflected by the game and inspires everyone to adopt a healthy driving behaviour in an exciting and entertaining way.

Under the “Think Blue.” umbrella, Volkswagen targets to further reduce its vehicles’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions using core technologies such as TSI and DSG.

For more information, visit or your nearest Volkswagen dealership.