BMW have announced the official prices for the new BMW i3 electric car in Germany and the US, ahead of the car’s official global debut at the end of this month. The official base pricing for pure EV version of the BMW i3 for the German market is 34,950 euros, while the US price tag is $41,350 before tax incentives. The price for the version equipped with a 650cc range extender engine will be announced later.

A base price of 34,950 euros without any options would place the i3 just under the pricing for the BMW 3-Series 320i GT or 318d GT with manual transmission in the German market, which starts at 36,150 euros.

Of course, base prices are misleading, as a base car can be pretty bare. On a 3-Series, the base car doesn’t even have xenon headlamps. If you want to compare it to a car with matching specs that’s currently on sale in Malaysia, the equivalent of the BMW 316i with automatic transmission and options sold in Malaysia goes for about 36,670 euros in Germany.

Based on the pricing released, it sounds like the BMW i3 could potentially get a Malaysian price tag of between the low to mid RM200k range in Malaysia?