mai-ceo-madani-sahari 028

The Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) will be unveiling an action plan for the national auto industry on February 6, according to a report by Utusan Malaysia. The plan will be presented to industry players in series.

According to MAI CEO Madani Sahari, the plan will cover six development roadmaps – technology, human resource, supply chain, remanufacturing, after-sales and Bumiputera competitiveness.

“(Translated) The action plan contains 600 pages and we will begin the series in the Klang Valley area first,” he told Utusan recently, adding that it would benefit the auto industry as a whole.

The latest National Automotive Policy revision (NAP 2014) was announced on January 20 to some confusion and uncertainty. Perhaps the unveiling of this action plan and its roadmaps could help clear the air – might we also hear any updates regarding the Euro 4 fuel feasibility study?

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