Mercedes C-Class Coupe 1

Now that Stuttgart has gotten the launch of their first ‘coupe SUV’ out of the way, it’s time to get back to real coupes. Here’s a first look at the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, which is expected to debut later this year as a 2016 model year car.

This model will replace the current C-Class Coupe that’s on sale in Malaysia as a C180 Coupe and C250 Coupe. If you’ve decided the new C-Class is somewhat of a baby S-Class, then the new C-Class Coupe should seem like a baby S-Class Coupe to you.

Mercedes C-Class Coupe 7

We can see that the rear end gets a similiar treatment to other latest generation Mercedes-Benz coupes, featuring lots of empty surface area with thin and wide tail lamps that extend onto the boot lid and the rear plate mounted on the bumper instead of the boot lid.

The C-Class Coupe is noticably wider and lower than its sedan counterpart. Unlike the sedan, the wing mirrors of the C-Class Coupe are mounted on the door instead of at the A-pillar. This same difference is found between the S-Class and S-Class Coupe.