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Here’s something that hardcore BMW M enthusiasts might find a little off-putting. Due to declining sales figures, future M models might not be getting manual gearboxes anymore. BMW M boss, Frank van Meel told Autocar UK that dual-clutch and automatic gearboxes were both faster and provided better fuel consumption.

While he didn’t deny the fact that the M had its own cult of followers, who specifically want their M machines mated to manual transmissions, he added that it was ‘difficult’ to stick to it. It looks like we’ll be seeing more of the seven-speed M dual-clutch (like on the M3 and M4) and eight-speed M Steptronic (X5 M, X6 M) around.

Additionally, get this – future M vehicles might not see more power added into its mills. As it stands, 600 hp is the current maximum one can get – in the BMW M6 fitted with the optional Competition Package. The reason being, according to Meel, was that adding more horsepower and torque would be ‘over the limits’.

So no more power, and no more manuals. Truly ‘disappointing’ news isn’t it?