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Honda will not be collaborating with national carmaker Proton on further models beyond the current Proton Perdana, which is based on the eight-generation Honda Accord.

This was revealed by Noriake Abe, Honda’s COO of Regional Operations for Asia & Pacific. Speaking to Carlist on the sidelines at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Abe said the automaker’s enterprise with Proton would not expand beyond the work involving the Perdana, and that it was not in talks with Proton to develop any new models.

“We have stopped other product development with Proton. Our involvement with Proton stops at the Perdana, because we could not reach an agreement with Proton on several key issues,” Abe told the publication.

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In October 2012, Proton announced that it had entered into a collaboration agreement with Honda to explore opportunities in the areas of technology enhancement, new product line up, platform and facilities’ sharing,

Following the signing of that agreement, Proton unveiled the new Perdana in December 2013. The car, based on the previous-gen Honda Accord, is only for the use of civil servants and the government – production volume was announced at just 3,000 units.

As previously reported, a civilian version is on the cards – the 2016 Proton Perdana is set to go on sale early next year. The car, which will still sit on eight-gen Accord underpinnings but feature a new exterior, was teased via a partial reveal at the Alami Proton event earlier in the month (and also rendered by Theophilus Chin as to what it could possibly look like).

It has been confirmed that the 2016 Perdana will be built at Proton’s Medium Volume Factory in Shah Alam (the current government-use version is assembled at Honda Malaysia’s plant in Melaka), and will retain Honda’s 154 hp/189 Nm R20A3 2.0 and 177 hp/222 Nm K24Z2 2.4 litre i-VTEC engines. Both engines will be paired with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The news of the halt in exploring future paths with Honda is not exactly a surprise; there has been very little development or news from that front in recent times, and it looks like the national carmaker has moved on in this regard.

In June this year, Proton and Suzuki signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Licence Agreement that, amongst other things, gives Proton access to Suzuki’s models, platforms, powertrain and automotive technology, with the Japanese carmaker providing technical assistance for the products and scope selected.