Honda MBEV TMS-17

This is the Honda MBEV Concept, the acronym standing for Mobile Battery EV, a two-seater the automaker premiered at the Tokyo Motor Show. The rugged-looking study was not grouped with the main Honda passenger car and motorcycle stand at the East Exhibition Hall in Tokyo Big Sight, but at the West Hall as part of its display at the show organiser’s Smart Mobility City 2015 side project.

More golf-kart than car, the MBEV is definitely a funky-looking thing. Modular, with plenty of plastic on call – virtually all the visible exterior bits are clad in black and white polymer panelling, with orange bits playing contrast. All rather utilitarian with the narrow micro-sized vehicle, as the black steel wheels suggest.

The MBEV gets its juice from removable mobile battery packs, which Honda also debuted at the show. The company is proposing the use of the battery pack design as a form of renewable energy carrier. Charge it, slot it in and you’re good to go.

No mention of energy, capacity or charge times, but the automaker says that the user merely has to select the battery capacity that matches the desired cruising range. It adds that by freely combining parts and accessories, the little commuter can be used in many different ways, from running about in the city to “rejuvenating outdoors by the sea or in the mountains.”