BMW, together with Oxford Brookes University, has come up with a new automotive degree programme. The BSc (Hons) Business and Automotive Management specialist course, meant for those who are looking to pursue a career in the auto sector, is a four-year degree programme.

Course participants will spend their first year studying at Oxford Brookes, the second at OTH Regensburg, Technical University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Their third year will be spent in a work placement at the BMW Group Plant Regensburg and MINI Oxford plant (six months each), while the final year will have them return to Oxford Brookes.

Tailored specifically to meet the needs of BMW Group as a potential employer, the company supports the student’s learning and development throughout the course. This is done through a mentorship scheme that comprises of BMW Group managers from various organisation functions at both the BMW Plant Regensburg and the MINI Plant Oxford.

In addition to that, the students will complete an engineering module within the department of mechanical engineering and mathematical sciences so that they’ll have a grasp of the technical side of the business – a prerequisite for all BMW Group graduate employees.

Said course is the latest partnership between Oxford Brookes and BMW Group, one that encompasses apprentice training on foundation degrees and research/development activities such as the MINI E trials.