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Next year, BMW will celebrate its centennial, joining a list of other automakers that have hit the 100-year mark including Peugeot, Renault, Opel and Aston Martin. Rumours have been circulating that to celebrate this milestone, Bayerische Motoren Werke will unveil an all-new supercar as a birthday gift to itself.

However, those rumours now appear to be shut down according to BMW development boss Klaus Fröhlich. While speaking to German site Auto Motor und Sport, he said BMW will not be celebrating its 100th anniversary with a “super sports car” that packs a V8 or V10 engine.

However, that’s not to say BMW will completely shy away from releasing a new sports car. Fröhlich explained that an all-electric supercar is well within the realms of possibility, akin to Audi’s R8 e-tron. This is subject to the development of battery technology, where major leaps are expected in the coming years.


As such, BMW would prefer to wait for the arrival of more advanced batteries that are possibly smaller, lighter and more powerful, before deciding to build an electric supercar in the future. As Fröhlich puts it, “the (battery) storage technology has yet to be significantly developed, so I do not want to drive a car that feels like a two and a half ton truck.”

Other manufacturers aren’t alien to the idea of releasing one-make or limited-edition models to mark a special point in the company’s history. Aston Martin for instance, unveiled the one-off CC100 Speedster Concept when it turned 100 years old in 2013.

Mercedes-Benz themselves released a special edition version of its CL550, dubbed the “100 Years of Mercedes-Benz Edition” just to celebrate the 100-year patent registration of the Three-Pointed Star, a symbol that has remained unchanged for, well, a 100 years and more.