Honda R&D Co Ltd, a research and development subsidiary of Honda, recently announced plans to establish Honda R&D Innovation Lab Tokyo in September. The new lab, which will be in Akasaka in the Japanese capital, will serve as a venue for “co-creation”, where Honda will seek to collaborate with external experts and other research institutes.

In 2003, Honda R&D established Honda Research Institute (HRI) for the purpose of evolving its cutting-edge intelligent research which explores new fields beyond mechanical engineering, including the fields of brain research and visual/aural recognition.

HRI has been working on various research projects while establishing a global network of researchers in the areas of advanced sciences through operations in Frankfurt in Germany, Silicon Valley and Columbus in the US and Wako-City in Japan.

By adding Honda R&D Innovation Lab Tokyo to its network, Honda will seek to attract and gather new talent from broad areas of expertise on a global basis. The company will accelerate practical applications of such technologies in the future while seeking collaboration with external experts and other research institutions.

Honda will strengthen and expand its research in the field of intelligent technologies, connectivity and robotics, with emphasis on the application of intelligent technologies in the area of mobility.