Porsche Panamera Burmester 1

When Porsche rolled out the second-generation Panamera back in June, it listed a 3D high-end sound system from Burmester as one of the many options offered for the four-door coupé. Well, it appears the carmaker is incredibly proud of its offering, so much so that it has detailed the system here.

Diving straight into the numbers, there are eight amplifiers with a total power output of 1,455 watts, along with 21 speakers that include eight woofers, three mid-rangers, two broadbands, seven tweeters, and a rear subwoofer. The latter is an improvement over the first-gen model’s 16-speaker option.

Porsche says that the sound system is capable of offering a “realistic concert hall-style atmosphere in a vehicle,” thanks to a multitude of powerful and efficient class-D amplifiers, which are 40% more powerful, but with lower energy consumption. The amps, which weigh just 14.3 kg in total, have an efficiency level of over 95% and can provide 400 watts to the subwoofer alone. Oh, there’s even a car-like 0.009 kg/W power-to-weight ratio.

Next up, intelligent algorithms and the latest developments in Auro 3D processing technology that were developed with Belgium-based Galaxy Studios is capable of producing a 3D musical impression that “could previously only be experienced in concert halls,” from any source material.

The carmaker also claims to be the only one to use the Burmester Air Motion Transformer (AMT) in the vehicle’s front channels. Completely redesigned for better efficiency (up six decibels), the folded sheets of the new AMT loudspeakers have an oscillating mass that has been almost cut in half compared to the previous design, retaining the size of the piston area. Furthermore, the centre channel now features two-way technology along with an AMT loudspeaker.

If that isn’t enough, all of the drivers used in the Burmester sound system are equipped with lightweight, torsion-resistant aluminium die cast baskets. They are also positioned in optimum locations in the vehicle to prevent sound and efficiency losses, to provide a maximum sound level of 126 decibels.

According to the carmaker, the sound system “best showcases its spectacular sound quality” when playing optimised, uncompressed and high-resolution music sources. However, it’ll still sound pretty pleasing even with Bluetooth-streamed content, digital radio or MP3 files. In Germany, the system will cost you 6,747.30 euros (RM30,119) for the Panamera 4S and Panamera 4S Diesel, and 5,331.20 euros (RM23,797) for the Panamera Turbo.

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