Honda DCT

The adage of less being more doesn’t seem to apply to gearboxes these days, with most production cars having automatic gearboxes with between five to eight speeds. Honda seems to think that more is more though, with a design for an 11-speed ‘box being filed with the Japan Patent Office.

That isn’t the half of it, as this overachieving transmission will also carry not one, not two, but three clutches. The intent of this design is obviously better fuel economy and quicker, seamless shifts, but while we can figure Honda’s dual-clutch transmission (DCT) (pictured above), how would three shafts work?

According to the patent filing reported by Auto Guide, the three-clutch and 11-speed design reduces the torque reduction that occurs on vehicles with dual-clutch transmissions. It remains to be seen if this multi-speed gearbox ever makes it into production.