Following the first public sightings of the upcoming Toyota Supra, the Japanese sports car is now seen undergoing tests at the Nürburgring. Developed in parallel with the upcoming BMW Z5, the Supra appears to wear a more curvaceous exterior than its German twin.

Like the BMW Z5, the Supra is expected to employ a hybrid all-wheel-drive powertrain, with petrol power coming from a range of BMW inline four- or six-cylinder turbocharged engines, possibly including the S55 twin-turbocharged inline-six which powers the M3/M4 performance models.


The most powerful Supra will be a hybrid with supercapacitors and all-wheel-drive; the Z5 will share a common rear-wheel-drive platform, while the Japanese automaker will also draw upon BMW’s expertise in carbon fibre construction for its body, as already demonstrated in the BMW i3, i8 and G12 7 Series.

From earlier sightings of the interior, the Toyota Supra shares almost all of its dashboard architecture with the BMW Z5. Considering that the designers have managed to differentiate the two sufficiently on the exterior, here’s hoping that the interior stands to gain at least as much individuality.