With Ford offering its new Fiesta ST in three- and five-door bodies, Toyota is looking to do the same with the Yaris GRMN. Our spy photographers managed to capture a five-door prototype as it underwent testing recently.

Visually, the car appears to be almost a carbon copy of the three-door hot hatch, with aggressive bumpers, 17-inch BBS multi-spoke alloy wheels and large rear wing. The only difference as far as we can tell is the lack of a centre-mounted exhaust as seen on the car shown during the Geneva Motor Show.

Under the hood, the five-door Yaris GRMN will likely receive the same 1.8 litre supercharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 208 hp (205 bhp). A six-speed manual transmission should be the only pairing with the mill, which allows for “best-in-class times” in terms of the century sprint.

Similarly, chassis improvements from the three-door will be applied here as well, including additional bracing, Sachs-developed dampers, a larger diameter front stabiliser bar, Torsen limited-slip differential and large ventilated brake discs.

GALLERY: Toyota Yaris GRMN (three-door)