BMW Malaysia has announced the introduction of a BMW Oil Inclusive Program for all BMW vehicles without an active service programme or for which the original service programme has lapsed.

Essentially, the BMW Oil Inclusive Program allows customers to extend the service of their vehicles within a set number of years or mileage period, with a choice of five years/60,000 km or five years/100,000 km, whichever comes first.

The company says that the programme is flexible as it offers packages that caters to the different driving usage of customers. BMW Malaysia adds that the Oil Inclusive Program is open to purchase for all newer BMW models, not just those sold through official channels, which means owners of grey market imports can buy an oil service package. It is also transferable to the next owner.

Here are the retail prices of the packages available according to vehicle models:

For example, a BMW 3 Series registered in 2012 with a current mileage reading of 70,000 km would currently be out of its service and warranty programme.

Purchasing a five years/100,000 km Oil Inclusive Program this year will allow the owner to continue the Free Scheduled Service programme for his BMW vehicle up to the year 2022 or 170,000 km, whichever comes first.

The Oil Inclusive Program secures the range of services as that defined under the Free Scheduled Service programme, and utilises BMW genuine engine oil as well as original BMW parts for the oil service.