For the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki is presenting a selection of crossover wagon concepts known as the Xbee (pronounced as “crossbi”). Based on the Hustler, three different takes on the Xbee will be put on display in late October – standard, Xbee Outdoor Adventure and Xbee Street Adventure.

The first is the yellow vehicle you see here, which is said to be suitable for various lifestyles. “From a stylish lifestyle in the city to active leisure in nature,” Suzuki says the compact crossover wagon offers a spacious cabin, coupled with easy manoeuvrability and functionality of an SUV. New bumpers and additional plastic guards help to reinforce that image.

Next up is the beige Xbee Outdoor Adventure, “designed for grownups who love camping.” The concept is largely similar to the standard Xbee, except with a different paintjob and wood-like panels along the sides.

For those who spend more time in urban settings, there’s the black Xbee Street Adventure instead. “Intended for fashionable and active urban lifestyles,” this concept is given a bolder paint scheme, which includes bright side trim panels. Looks like a baby Toyota FJ Cruiser, no? So, which one’s your favourite?