Even though Volkswagen has officially withdrawn from the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), the German carmaker isn’t about to waste all the experience it has garnered over the years. Therefore, it will soon introduce the new Polo GTI R5, a rally car for professional teams and aspiring drivers to enable them to compete in championships across the globe – including the WRC

This sketch is merely a preview of what the final product will look like, and it is certainly quite the looker. Features include a wide bodykit, new bumpers, rally-spec wheels, roof scoop, roll cage and a large rear wing.

“With the Polo GTI R5 we are hoping to transfer our expertise from four WRC titles to customer racing successfully, and offer a first-class racing machine for countless rally championships from national series to the WRC,” said Sven Smeets, director at Volkswagen Motorsport.

Development of the Polo GTI R5 is being overseen by François-Xavier “FX” Demaison, who not only has a wicked name, but is the father of the hugely successful Polo R WRC. Joining him is Gerard-Jan de Jongh as senior project engineer, who was previously Sébastien Ogier’s race engineer

In terms of specifications, the Polo GTI RS will be powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection. It is said to make 270 hp, and is paired with a sequential five-speed transmission and four-wheel drive. It also packs a comprehensive safety package, and meets all the requirements of the R5 category.