Following the Clubman Sterling Edition that was reintroduced last month, MINI Malaysia has teased two upcoming special editions, the Urbanite and Amplified. There aren’t much details on the “two new uniquely stylised hatches” but there are videos, which we’ve pasted below, and descriptions in typical MINI fashion.

The Urbanite is the “Instaworthy” edition. “This is for those who are one with the lenses, be they the artist or the subject matter. Those whose heartbeats echo the spirit of the streets. Those who warm up to attention, on the constant lookout for perfection. This is for the lookers,” according to MINI.

The Amplified is “No Small Torque”. “This is for those who seek more than mere thrills. Often, thrills seek them. This is for whom obedience is a curse, normalcy is a crime. This is for those whose dreams are fuelled by desire, who desire to go beyond,” MINI explains.

The Urbanite is a MINI Cooper 5 Door with extra accessories and an all-black theme, with red accents and distinctive “spotlights” up front. There’s an “URBN” logo on the dashboard. The Amplified is for the performance junkies. It’s the already quite manic F56 Cooper S 3 Door with “its heart and soul rigged to deliver more torque with higher horsepower.”

The more torque and higher hp statement hints at the JCW Pro tuning kit and JCW Pro valve silencer system with Bluetooth controller, as previously seen on the MINI JCW Pro Edition from 2016. With it, the Cooper S’ 192 hp/280 Nm is boosted to 211 hp/300 Nm. The JCW Pro aerodynamic kit and related add-ons (17-inch Track Spoke alloys as seen on the cool UK 1499 GT) give the fast little hatch racy visuals to match.

The regular MINI Cooper 5 Door is priced at RM193,888 while the standard MINI Cooper S 3 Door is tagged at RM229,888, so expect to pay a fair bit more for the special editions, which might also be available in limited numbers.