BMW has announced that it will next introduce mild hybrid technology to the 3 Series, X3 and X4 from spring 2020 in order to meet the European Union’s CO2 targets. With the carmaker’s Efficient Dynamics initiative, fleet consumption and CO2 emissions have been cut by more than 40% over the last 13 years; the company will reduce emissions by 20% this year compared to 2019.

The exact models to get the mild hybrid system include the 320d in sedan and wagon body styles, as well as the X3 and X4 in xDrive20d specification. These will join exiting BMW models that already carry the system like the 5 Series sedan and wagon in 520d guise, as well as the X5 and X6 in xDrive40d specification.

BMW’s mild hybrid system on the X5 and X6 uses a 48-volt electrical architecture along with a starter generator, the latter providing an additional output of 11 PS (11 hp or 8 kW) to provide a momentary power boost as well as refining the operation of the engine idling start-stop function.

During instances of deceleration to a standstill, the combustion engine can be disconnected from the transmission at speeds of less than 15 km/h, with energy recuperation taking place to recharge the battery. The mild hybrid system also promotes an improved coasting function, where the disconnect can occur at speeds of up to 160 km/h; this function is present in both Comfort and Eco-Pro drive modes.