The road transport department (JPJ) says it is targeting to complete outstanding driving tests for 462,124 candidates at 232 driving institutes nationwide before the end of the year, Bernama reports. The department’s deputy director-general of planning and operations, Aedy Fadly Ramli, said that in order to achieve this, JPJ will increase the number of testers in states by up to 20%, depending on requirements.

He said that each state office has identified the number of candidates for each driving institute, and the department was now in the process of determining how many additional testers will be sent. The department currently has 530 testers nationwide.

“Besides that, we will also increase the daily quota of candidates to be tested at each driving institute. The number varies according to the capacity of the premises, so the number of additional testers to be sent will be based on the needs of each institute,” he said.

He said driving institutes are being advised to prioritise overdue candidates instead of new one, saying there were many who have not been able to complete their tests as a result of the various movement control orders (MCO) that have been implemented since last year.

Driving institutes, which were closed during the lockdown, were finally permitted to operate again from September 9. Driving schools have faced a number of disruptions during the course of the long-running pandemic. Earlier this year, they were closed when the MCO 2.0 was implemented on January 13, but were allowed to resume activity from February 12.