Honda e Limited Edition launched in Europe – just 50 units; premium red paint, black accents; from RM200k

The Honda e has been made even more appealing with the introduction of a new Limited Edition version in Europe. Only 50 examples of the special electric city car will be offered, each one available for the first time in Premium Crystal Red paint.

The hue is accompanied by contrast black accents, including the 17-inch alloy wheels, certain body panels as well as the badges front and rear. Since the Limited Edition is based on the existing Advance variant, you’ll also get all the bells and whistles.

These include Honda Parking Pilot (autonomous parking), a 230-volt power outlet, a heated steering wheel, a dual-function rearview mirror linked to a rear camera and full-width dual screens. The powertrain stays the same, with a rear-mounted electric motor delivering 154 PS (113 kW) and 315 Nm of torque. Power is supplied via a 35.5-kWh lithium-ion battery that is good for up to 220 km.

Even though Honda is no longer part of Formula 1, Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing (the outfit still has ties with the Japanese carmaker) found time to model with the new Honda e Limited Edition. “The Honda e Limited Edition is simply lovely. It has funky looks, a compact design and is fun to drive. It’s a great electric urban vehicle,” he said.

In the United Kingdom, the 50-unit special is priced from 38,120 British pounds (RM199,950), making it more costly than the Advance that starts at GBP36,920 (RM193,773). For the premium, you do get premium paint, dress-up bits and a product endorsed by the reigning Formula 1 world champion, so it’s worth it, right?