Proton eMas7 – name of Malaysia’s Galaxy E5 EV?

Proton eMas7 – name of Malaysia’s Galaxy E5 EV?

The eMas7 name is making its rounds on social media, and it is claimed to be used as the name of Proton’s first electric car that is due to be launched by the end of the year. This is based on the name being registered on the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), and lines up with the eMas (stylised e.MAS) brand for the national carmaker’s electric vehicles.

Before we jump the gun though, it needs to be said that Proton has had the habit of submitting various names to MyIPO either to have its competitors guessing what’s to come or just keep its options open. Over the last few years, it had also registered the names S3, S30, S300, S5, S50, S500, C5, C50, V5, V70, PS3, among others, none of which have been used.

As it is pretty much confirmed that the first eMas model will be based on the Geely Galaxy E5, the 7 in the rumoured name would make sense, as it’s a C-segment SUV (slightly larger than the X70). However, given that we also know that Proton will market a PHEV model as early as next year – likely based on the Galaxy L7 – we are more inclined to believe that the eMas models will have a prefix in their names.

Proton eMas7 – name of Malaysia’s Galaxy E5 EV?

Digital rendition of Proton eMas EV by Theophilus Chin

This could be, say, Proton eMas E7 for the electric model, and perhaps P7 (or L7) for the PHEV. Such a naming convention would give far more flexibility and room to grow, rather than attaching a number suffix directly on the sub-brand name itself. Proton has already announced it has no less than five more eMas models based on its new GMA platform that will come after the initial EV model.

So guys, would you prefer the name eMas7 or eMas E7 for Proton’s upcoming electric SUV, or would you have any other suggestions? Comment below!

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