I posted on China’s various imitations of western and Japanese cars a long long time ago. One of the most blatant copies have been the Chevrolet Spark/Daewoo Matiz’s copy. Meet Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp’s Chevy QQ. It’s pretty hilarious really how they managed to transform Chevrolet’s pet name Chevy into Chery. The Chevrolet Spark is on sale here in Malaysia with an 800cc engine if I am not mistaken.

But do the imitations perform the same as the originals? Do Petaling Street Rolex watches last as long as the original? It depends on your luck really, but thankfully in the automotive world we have something called crasjh tests so we can at least measure a car’s safety performance.

Here is the original Daewoo Matiz/Chevrolet Spark’s crash test, along with a chart displaying areas where the driver and passanger gets the most injuries.


And here is the Chery QQ. I’ll let the photos do the explanation.


More photos of the crash test: