A woman in her late 20s driving a Mercedes Benz SL500 costing £96,000 drove her car into a ford and ended up getting washed downstream the river until a stable-owner heard her and risked her own live to save her.

Apparently, the SL500’s satellite navigation system told her to take a road that was actually meant for farmers in their big 4X4 vehicles. The road had a big sign that said “unsuitable for motor vehicles”. She trusted the sat-nav guidance and went down the road. And ended up in a ford. Because although it was swollen after a few days of heavy rain, she still tried to cross it in her 302hp, V8-powered, rear wheel drive sports car. And the car ended up getting washed away.

Alice Clark heard the lady’s screams of help and waded through the waters with the help of a log and hanging on to some barb wire, risking getting washed away herself. She pulled the SL500’s owner out just in the nick of time. Seconds after she got out, the car sank. The car’s electronics short circuited causing the windows to open, letting more water in until the car was completely submerged.

The SL500’s owner was sent to a motorway service station where a Bentley that was chauffeur-driven picked her up. The Mercedes Benz SL500 remained in the river for a week until a tow truck pulled it out. It was a complete write-off. This my friends, is proof that money can’t buy braincells.