BMW M3 Vorsteiner Exhaust

Those who are lucky enough to own the latest BMW M3 in either sedan or coupe form but are rather displeased at how un-premium their backbox and tailpipes look (especially the sedan where the backbox is unshielded from sight and displayed quite prominently) can now opt for the Vorsteiner M3 Titanium Exhaust.

There are a few benefits to fitting this exhaust system. Immediate effects can be felt via shaving 16.8kg off the car’s total weight because the Vorsteiner system is lighter than the factory system, as well as adding 14 horsepower and 18Nm of torque to the engine’s output.

Vorsteiner promises an “F1-like” exhaust tone with no interior drone. A Vorsteiner BMW M3 titanium exhaust can be identified via its logo laser-etched on the tops as well as a serial number stamped for authenticity. The 90mm exhaust tips can optionally be had with a blue-torched look, which is shown above.

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