Honda Insight

After two months of sales in Japan with about 4,000 units each month, Honda Insight sales suddenly jumped up to 10,481 units in April 2009, making it the 1st in a monthly ranking of all new vehicle registrations in Japan! Yes, the new Insight is Japan’s best-selling car in April 2009, and the first time in history for any hybrid car to take that spot for a monthly sales period.

The Insight took the throne from March 2009’s sales leader, another car from the Honda stable – the Honda Fit (known as the Honda Jazz here in Malaysia). It sold 9,443 units in March and was also the best-selling car in the entire of 2008, the fiscal year ending March 2009, and also monthly sales for 4 months since December 2008.

I wonder why the sudden registration (a sale/booking is not a registration) jump – it could be that Honda suffered production issues in the first two months?

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