Now here’s something interesting. According to Autocar India, Proton is attempting to enter the Indian market with a small car underpinned by Nissan’s V platform. The magazine’s sources spilled that Nissan may license the said platform to Proton, who could use it for the production version of its EMAS concept.

The V platform (V for Versatile) is used by the latest Nissan March (Micra in some markets) that’s being produced in India and Thailand. Nissan’s alliance partner Renault also have plans to use this platform to spin off a range of compact cars due in 2012. This modern platform’s main advantage is its light weight and the reduction of required parts by around 18%, and as the name suggests, it’s easily adaptable.

We reported early last month on Proton looking for suitable partners for the EMAS, which was unveiled at this year’s Geneva show by Italdesign Giugiaro, and that discussions will be concluded by the end of 2010. This latest piece of news sounds like a progression of that. It’s long known that Proton has India in its sights, and the 3,550 mm EMAS could be the ideal debut car – it’s spacious but comfortably ducks under the four-metre long tax barrier.

“There were discussions in terms of technology, platforms and how we can work with others to source engines to us. The current trend is to come up with cars, including those using hybrid technology, that are fuel-efficient and produce low amounts of carbon emission. As Proton is a competitive company, we will take on this concept and make it a reality,” Proton MD Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin was quoted as saying before.