Remember Proton’s plans to develop an ‘Islamic car’ designed for Muslim motorists? We first heard of this back in 2007, where it was reported that Proton would be teaming up with a company in Iran to introduce cars that has features for Muslims.

It wasn’t really specified what a Muslim car meant at that time, but features such as a compass pointing to Mecca and dedicated space for a copy of the Koran was brought up. That plan was discontinued in 2010 when Proton pulled out.

We’re currently in South Korea to try out the new Kia Sorento facelift as well as the Kia Quoris and I saw this very interesting feature built into the Sorento’s full colour touch screen infotainment and navigation system. It actually had a Qibla compass, which you could activate by pressing the Qibla button. It did not work in our cars though, as the GPS map data was not installed.

Of course we don’t expect all Sorento facelifts to come with this feature. This particular model was probably for Middle East markets as the wing mirrors warning text was in Arabic. Dear Muslim readers, would you find this feature useful in your car? Share in the comments below.