Honda has announced that its cumulative worldwide sales of hybrid vehicles surpassed one million units as of the end of September 2012. This milestone was reached 12 years and 11 months after the start of sales of the first generation Insight in November 1999.

Using its compact IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid system, Honda has been enhancing its hybrid lineup and currently sells eight hybrid models in around 50 countries worldwide, including Malaysia of course.

In May this year, Honda began production of hybrid models outside of Japan with the Acura ILX Hybrid in the USA, followed by July 2012 production of the Jazz Hybrid in Thailand. As we all know, Honda will also start production of the green Jazz in Malaysia later this year – click here to read more.

Future plans include new hybrid vehicles for mid-size models equipped with a two-motor hybrid system. In addition, a high-output three-motor hybrid system, Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive), will be applied to the new NSX and Acura RLX, the latter will be the Legend successor in Japan. We tried the impressive SH-AWD tech last year, click here for the full story.