2013 TMS girls 111

No, of course we wouldn’t forget this one, though it’s a little later than the usual fashion. The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show – which ended last Sunday – came right after KLIMS13, and with Los Angeles and Guangzhou also getting in the showtime act, you’d be forgiven if you thought motor shows were popping up like they were going out of fashion.

Perhaps it was because of this hubbub of activity that this year’s TMS had, at least to me, a little less fanfare about it. Much of this feeling I’d simply put down to the lack of ability to appreciate the displays and tech on call, because Danny and I were pressed for time walking the show (in the end, we both didn’t finish covering it in its entirety). Jonathan did though, and found the event a glitzy enough affair.

In terms of world premieres, the list included vehicles like the Lexus RC Coupe and LF-NX Turbo, Honda Vezel and S660 Concept, Toyota FCV Concept, JPN Taxi Concept and the FV2 three-wheeler as well as the near-production next-gen Noah/Voxy MPVs, while Mitsubishi had the Concept GC-PHEV, Concept AR and Concept XR-PHEV on call.

Also making their global debuts at the show were the Daihatsu Kopen, Deca Deca and FC Deco Deck as well as the Suzuki Hustler, Crosshiker and X-Lander trio. Singaporean-based Tum Create, meanwhile, had its EVA prototype EV taxi on show.

But, you’ve seen – and read about – them all, so we’ll leave it at that; that you’re still reading this, if you are, is surprising enough. So, on to the closing act of our Tokyo 2013 coverage, which is a gallery of the ladies of the TMS. Some of the team think that out of the back-to-back double act, the ladies of KLIMS13 ace it on the whole. What do you think?