Mercedes-Benz is putting the final touches on the new W447 V-Class, a people mover that’s expected to fill the void left by the discontinuation of the R-Class in certain markets like the US.

The V-Class, also known as the Viano, is traditionally based on the Vito commercial panel van. You could say it’s the original ‘Alphard’ – before the Japanese got good at making their version of such vans more appealing to the loaded, the Mercedes-Benz Viano was the people mover of choice for the affluent. You can still see them parked in the bungalows of the ‘old money’ in Malaysia.


The car that we see on test matches the sketches that were released previously, even down to the design of the alloy wheels! The glass at the rear covers the C-pillar, making it invisible.

The V-Class will get sliding doors, with a visible track for the doors on the van’s body. That’s one thing many of these large passenger van manufacturers always miss – in the Alphard and Vellfire, the track is hidden neatly just below the window, making it invisible.

The previously released photos show a large interior that has the second and third row facing each other. They are likely configurable to make all of them face the same direction.

The dashboard features Mercedes-Benz’s new touchpad COMAND controls, with a floating tablet display for the infotainment system.