Toyota_Camry_XV50_ 002

The current Toyota Camry isn’t exactly the best looking car in its class, not least next to its newer, fresher rivals. But that’s always the issue when you’re targeting mass-market success: something’s go to give somewhere and for Toyota, excitement is always the first to go.

That’s about to change by the time the next-generation Camry comes around, however. Kevin Hunter, head of Toyota’s US design studio recently told Bloomberg that the next model will have a “more emotional, more impactful design.” Now that is something to look forward to.

“Camry’s taken some hits on styling, but it’s still selling well. But we need to create better design for Camry in the future,” admitted Hunter. Toyota USA’s head of sales, Kazuo Ohara added, “I would not go so far as saying we could be adventurous, but at least more aggressive.” Of the current model, he accepted that “we were probably a little bit too conservative.”

Other than styling, the emphasis on the next car is to improve the interior packaging and materials. Recent Camry models have followed strict five-year life cycles, so expect the next-generation version to make its international debut in two year’s time, before arriving here some time in 2017.

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